Developing Your Resume

  • Why You Need a Resume 
  • Learn the importance of having a professional resume.
  • Resume Formats: Choosing the Right One 
  • Consider these factors when choosing what type of resume to create.
  • Resume Tips and Strategies 
  • Use these tips and strategies to get noticed.
  • Including the Right Information
  • Contact Information 
  • Learn how to add contact information to your resume.
  • Objectives, Summaries, or Professional Profiles 
  • Learn whether to add an objective, summary, or professional profile to your resume.
  • Employment History 
  • Learn how to add your employment history to your resume.

Education Information 

Learn how to add your education information to your resume.

Additional Information and References 

Learn how to add additional information and references to your resume.

Using Your Resume Online


Preparing Your Resume for the Internet 

Take these steps to prepare your resume for the Internet.


Gallery of Sample Resumes 

Use this gallery of resume samples for tips and ideas.

Create a Cyber-Safe Resume 

Resume Resources 

Use these additional resources to ensure you craft a standout resume.